What are the 6 Pillars of Wine Storage?

It’s all about the wine storage for us. We realize how important your wine collection is to you. This is why, we have spent years of research and concentrated on developing the greatest wine storage options for wine enthusiasts – so you can always enjoy your wine at its finest.


The perfect wine storage temperature is probably between 10 and 15 °C (50 and 59 °F), but no great harm will come to wine stored between 15 and 20 °C (59 and 68 °F) so long as the temperature does not change too dramatically causing the wine to expand and contract rapidly, with a risk of letting air in. Maximum and minimum thermometers can be very useful for monitoring potential places to store wine.


Wine humidity is a critical, yet often overlooked feature in wine storage design. A relative humidity (RH) of 50% to 70% is recognized as an adequate wine storage humidity level, with 60% the ideal. Without ideal humidity, wine quality may be affected in a number of ways. When the humidity is higher than 70%, it will likely cause mold and degradation of the labels and glue.


Most colored glass bottles of wine have UV filters incorporated into the bottle glass, but this does not necessarily offer full UV protection. If wine storage is in direct light consistently, it will affect the flavor of the wine significantly, a result of premature aging. Typically, red wines will lose if they are subjected to excessive light.


Adequate airflow in wine storages will prevent almost all unwanted vermin and mold. While extreme amounts of dry air movement could logically dry out corks, very cold air (say below 5°C 41°F) will likely chill the wine and prevent a slow balanced maturation. A climate control system is specifically designed to ensure gentle but present humidity controlled air movement, at all appropriate – not too much – not too little, level.


Vibration can disturb sediment present in the wine bottle, but it also causes complex chemical reactions which are less visible. Our wine storage systems offer the solution to secure your wines and cases.


Protecting your wine storage system with effective security can make a tremendous difference. There are a number of options that will ensure your wines are safe, secure and protected from theft or damage. Taking into consideration what your needs are, there are amazing options available out there for you, to fit your every need.