Author: BeBe Kidwell


Designed by: BeBe Kidwell

Installers: California Wine Storage Team

U-Store | Encinitas, CA


Project Overview:

C&SS was successful in establishing custom wine lockers to Encinitas company by ensuring the appropriate wine storage conditions that are maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Developed a Wine Storage System with a High Density Capacity

The climate-controlled wine storage lockers at U-Store Encinitas are created with the collector and investor in mind. Each of their wine storage containers and lockers are designed to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the preservation, health, and value of your rare, valuable, and premium wines.


Security and Climate Control Were All Priorities in the Design/Build Process

Temperature controlled wine lockers, in particular, are renowned for their security and dependability. To suit the needs of the customer, Conveyor and Storage Solutions Installation Team was able to construct a breath taking wine locker system to work around existing building columns and dimensions.

Also, C&SS Installers created custom cutouts to work around other obstructions. These shelves can hold about 16 cases of wine, or slightly more than 600 pounds. This helps to ensure our shelves have been tested to withstand multiple times the weight they can hold! So you can rest assured that your wine will be safe and secure!


The Project Resulted in High-End Wine Storage with Contemporary Features

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided the following products and/or services:

  • 62 Wine Lockers (50 Double Tier + 12 Single Tier)
  • Double Tier and Single Tier Doors
  • 3 Metal Shelf Levels


Temperature Controlled Wine Locker Pictures

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